Student Reviews on Taylor The Gap Services

“Working with Taylor The Gap made my gap year 200% better than it would have been if it was up to my parents and me. She was able to smoothly navigate the pandemic, and when my original plans did not work out, she was able to provide multiple other gap options that fit my criteria. My year ended up being everything that I wanted and more!!”

From Jacob S. who spent fall semester in the Southwest and spring term in Ireland.

“Ms. Taylor was the sole reason my gap year was so effective and influential in this stage of my life. She was able to provide helpful and useful information/connections while steering me in the right direction and her suggestions ultimately led me towards participation in programs that changed my life for the better. I cannot even imagine how subpar and misguided my gap year would have been without her expertise. Not only did she help me connect to gap programs, she also showed genuine care in how I was doing both prior, during, and much after my gap year — qualities a legitimate friend much more than just a counselor.”

From Campbell T. who spent a semester studying marine conservation in Cape Eleuthera and obtained his EMT Certification and shadowed a surgeon his spring term.

“I can say with confidence that Marion helped me to her full ability in making my gap year as smooth as possible. She made me comfortable with my decisions as she has vetted programs through her own experience and research. Her personalized sessions helped me narrow down what I really wanted to do over my time abroad. Overall she was very informative, supportive, and helpful throughout my entire gap year. I would recommend her to any student!”

From Noah S. who traveled to Israel, participated in a Peruvian language immersion program and his fall semester in the South Pacific with a structured gap program.

“Marion helped me prioritize what I wanted out of my gap year and helped me apply the experiences I had towards my education and personal life. Marion is a wealth of information and helped me find programs that were well suited to my interests and goals. I appreciate her as a resource and I highly recommend planning a gap year through Taylor the Gap!”

From Charner R. who spent a semester at the London School of Fashion and a semester with a wilderness program in the South Island of New Zealand.

“Working with Marion was a great choice! She vetted all the programs either in person or with thorough research that made me feel comfortable with my decisions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone planning a gap year!”

From Hannah C. who learned Spanish in Peru, WWOOFed in New Zealand, and studied art in Italy.

“My gap year was, and will always be, the greatest year of my life, and I have Taylor The Gap to thank for all of it! Her recommendations were superb and I loved the helpful advice she emailed me along the way. She is well informed and easy to reach, and her first priority was for me to enjoy my year as much as possible.”

From Melanie who spent her gap year in Panama, Costa Rica, and France.

“It was such a pleasure to work with Marion on my gap year plan as she efficiently demystified what could have been a very confusing, stressful process. She paid attention to my specific desires and goals and showed me a a wide range of options. Marion used her own experience and knowledge to encourage me to take my gap year somewhere where I had never been before, and her consistent communication, both with me and with the leaders of the programs, made me feel like I was on top of it all.”

From Audrey who explored global issues in Bolivia and Ecuador and studied Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“When I decided that I was going to do a gap year, I was terrified. I only knew a few people that had done one and there were so many different options all around the world; it all felt very overwhelming. Marion put me at ease, clarified the differences between the different types of programs, and helped me decide which one was best for me and within my price point. It was also nice to know that she had personally traveled to and checked out many of the programs. Not only did she help me with the decision process, but she also contacted my program and advocated on my behalf when there were communication issues with my advisor pre-trip. Choosing a gap year was the best decision I’ve made in my life, and having Taylor the Gap there all along helped me feel a lot more comfortable.”

From Ava H. who learned Spanish fluently with time spent in a language immersion program in Guatemala, volunteering in Cusco, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“Marion was a joy to work with and gave me insight into the structure of various gap programs. She put me into direct contact with program directors of prospective opportunities and without her, my gap year would have turned out vastly different. She is eager to work with you; her services are thorough; and she cares to find the right gap year for you. I recommend Taylor the Gap because she is an expert in the field and will connect you to the people you need.”

From Andrea who volunteered in a conservation program in New Zealand, traveled in Southeast Asia, and both worked with women in cottage industries in Katmandu, and trekked in Nepal.

Marion Taylor knows nearly everything to know about gap years. If you have any anxiety for you or your child’s gap year, she is a great resource and she will steer you in the right direction.”

From Seth who traveled in Southeast Asia, Panama, India, and backpacked independently in Eastern Europe.

Marion took time to get to know me well before recommending specific gap companies based on a best-fit methodology of conversations and questionnaires. She was always easy to reach and aided me with every step, allowing me to balance my gap year planning with school, college applications, standardized tests, and extracurricular activities.”

From Brad who traveled in Argentina, Baja, and Indonesia.

“Marion walked me through all of my dreams and examined every possibility, giving each the attention and care it deserved as a real opportunity. Throughout the whirlwind of potential gap experiences, she always remained focused on me as an individual. She adroitly selected the programs that would allow the most growth while having me explore a very different culture and experience the greatest adventure.”

From Larkin who studied theater in England, trekked in Scotland, and traveled in Indonesia.

“I used Marion Taylor’s services for both a fall 3 month gap program and a spring 3 month gap program. Marion was very helpful throughout the process from helping narrow down choices to applications to giving helpful feedback to the Gap organizations. I would highly recommend Marion as she gives gap advising her all and is an indispensable resource for gap or potential gap students”

From Soren K. who traveled in China and Laos in the fall and hiked through Patagonia, Chile and Cuba in the spring.