2020 GAP Year Events

Register for an exciting Virtual Micro-Summit to be held over the course of 7 days from May 18-24, 2020 with Empower Your Teen.

Marion Taylor from Taylor The Gap, a GYA accredited gap year advisor, is featured in an in-depth 30 minute interview covering the benefits of taking a gap year and of travel both domestically and internationally with Covid-19 in mind. In addition she offers information on the wide range and diversity of available programs. Tune in on May 22 to hear Marion’s interview with Emma B Perez, college and career guide, on How To Make The Most of a Gap Year.

With the prospect of distance learning lasting through the rest of the year, more and more young people are deciding to take a gap year for 2020/21. A gap year is a wonderful opportunity for teens to learn who they are, what they want for their lives, how to manage their own time and finances, and how to network. Emma B. Perez has interviewed 7 advisors, coaches, and family therapists to teach how parents and teens can work together to craft a transformational gap year.

Topics include:

  • How to create a gap year plan
  • How to help your teen take charge of their gap year
  • The #1 skill for jobs of the future
  • How your child can learn about finances during a gap year
  • Which gap year programs are right for your teen
  • How gap years effect college admittance
  • How to parent during a gap year

It is FREE OF CHARGE and will be delivered directly to your inbox each day starting on May 18th to watch from the comfort of your own home.

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Remember that it is only available and aired for a limited time from May 18-24. This opportunity is especially helpful for parents of teens who are struggling to make decisions about what’s next after high school graduation especially in this time of uncertainty and Covid 19. This summit will enable parents and their child to create a plan that is uniquely suited for their teen.