Essential Eligibility Criteria

This is a general and broad list of suitability criteria for students seeking to take a gap year. The qualifications provide a standard by which gap students understand the full extent of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges presented with any gap experience. Most gap programs have specific guidelines required.

Mental Health:

  • Student can not be adjudicated, court mandated, nor on probation
  • Student can not exhibit psychiatric conditions that can not be managed in the field without therapy
  • Student must be able to self medicate with proper dosage without the aid of an instructor
  • Student should be able to care for self in the way of nutrition, hydration, sleep, allergies, stress, and personal hygiene
  • Full transparency is required on both the Taylor The Gap assessment form, as well as that on a specific gap program
  • Willingness to seek and provide recommendation from current/past therapist
  • Open mind, self aware, and curious
  • Ability to follow rules and guidelines stipulated in gap program (i.e. red rules policy)
  • Enough command of English language to understand and communicate effectively
  • Age 18 (some gap programs will take 17 years old if legal papers are signed by parents)

Safety and Risk Mitigation:

  • Ability to withstand long periods of travel on plane, boat, bush taxi, tuk tuk, and perhaps even camel
  • Sound judgment to identify risks, hazards, and dangers-physical terrain, rough waters or tides, dangerous animals, traffic concerns
  • Ability to recognize unsafe team member’s behavior or of self due to stress, sickness, behavior
  • Ability to handle and respond to stressful situations and unfamiliar settings such as home stays, different food and customs, medical emergencies, dangerous conditions or diasters (earthquake, mudslide), necessary evacuations

Ethical Behavior:

  • Abide by cultural norms with dress code and behavior that is culturally appropriate
  • Exhibit cognitive ability to recall and learn skills taught in program
  • Be a team member and respect differences
  • Be responsible for own belongings at all times
  • Be able to travel and navigate independently