COVID-19 Resources

  • SAFETY – #1 priority is students’ health and well-being
  • RISK MITIGATION PLAN AND PROTOCOLS – Requirement for all TTG recommended gap programs
  • Covid testing requirements – by state, by country, by gap program, by airline.

Available Resources

Center for Disease Control

Note that conditions can change rapidly in a country at any time. To receive updated travel

Overseas Security Advisory Council

OSAC is working with the U.S. private sector and relevant U.S. government agencies to provide appropriate guidance regarding the ongoing worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. OSAC will publish benchmarking reports detailing developments pertaining to COVID-19 around the world.

WHO-World Health Organization

Q&A:COVID-19 travel advice for public.

Four Case Scenarios in time of COVID-19, 2021

  1. Stay at home, restricted movement: Over 20 online program recommendations.
  2. Local options with limited movement: volunteer, internship, environmental, wilderness, faith-based, education, job recommendations, career and business development, within community or state (based on state guidelines).
  3. Domestic travel within the United States: gap programs from Hawaii to Alaska to the US Virgin Islands in marine conservation to wilderness, to animal rescue to sailing to skills and certifications.
  4. International travel: check on foreign restrictions and quarantine requirements; check with US Embassies or Consulates in country. Check to see if state by state allowance; if borders are open outside of bubble; and if airline travel is operating. Opportunities in language, entrepreneurship and tech, paid work, education, alternative education, specialized achievements, equestrian, writing, art, theater, dance, art, certifications, and more.