Benefits in Taking Time Out​ Both as an Adult and Young Student​

Benefits to taking time out that are student-driven:

  • Recharge after academic "burn-out"
  • ​Redirect focus for college​
  • Recharge after professional "burn-out"​ between jobs​
  • Re-evaluate different career options
  • Step off the traditional path​​-​whether it be academic or professional
  • J​​ump start retirement​
  • Explore​ and delve into​ a hobby, passion,​ or special​ interest
  • Reconnect with a passion for exploring​ and travel​
  • Take initiative and become an active, hands-on learner
  • Volunteer by ​giving back to a community and mak​ing​ a difference
  • Enjoy independence away from obligations or commitments
  • Gain self-awareness
  • Develop moral leadership and learn how to collaborate
  • Step outside one’s comfort zone and develop resilience
  • Gain empathy and global cultural sensitivity​
  • Immerse oneself in another culture
  • ​Learn a new language​
  • Master practical life skills-budgeting, problem solving, communication, cooking
  • Challenge oneself in an unfamiliar setting
  • Make new friendship​s​

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