Fees – Applies to both adults and students

Plan A - $800

Clients will receive the following services:

  • Preliminary Consultation
  • Review and assessment of questionnaire
  • Research, proposal, and selection for semester or year
  • Ongoing communication with student/adult during matching process
  • Program vetting
  • Alumni referrals
  • Application assistance if needed
  • Outreach to program staff and administration
  • Interview and evaluation at completion of semester or year

Plan B - $1,000

Clients will receive all services in Plan A, PLUS:

  • Ongoing support and communication (by phone and email) during semester or year
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting during semester or year

NOTE: Additional hours exceeding eight hours in Plan A and ten hours in Plan B will be at a charge of $85 per hour.

Pay in Advance for your
Taylor the Gap Services

Fees will increase as of January 1st, 2018.
Plan A will be $1,000 and Plan B $1,250.