Events / Funding

Gap Year Funding Ideas

  • Work to earn money over the summers pre- and post-gap experience
  • If you belong to a church or youth group, inquire about donations for a gap community service or volunteer project
  • In lieu of birthday, Hannukkah, Christmas, or graduation gifts, ask friends and family to donate to your gap experience
  • Write letters to family, teachers, and friends requesting support with a handwritten letter or using social media crowd funding
  • Explore the application of 529 or FAFSA grants towards gap program fees-typical limitation is that it needs to be an accredited educational institution (or an expense related to that) to qualify for 529 usage
  • Perhaps ask a local newspaper or radio to write or broadcast a piece on your upcoming gap year plans to publicize your gap plans
  • Take a tax donation for the full cost of program if: you are applying to a volunteer organization which has it 501c3 tax exempt status, as airfare and the program may be deducted
  • Research all possible social media crowdfunding sites and apply:
  • Seek out scholarships and grants from: