Gap Year Advisor
Customizing Passions with Opportunities for Growth

Taylor The Gap is a customized, reaonably priced, gap year consulting service nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Marion Taylor, owner and founder, works with young and adult students in designing experiences based on interests, passions, and goals. Time out may be a gap year or semester between high school and college, between college terms, after college, mid-career, or during retirement. This period of self-exploration instills confidence, focus, and motivation for future educational pursuits in younger students, while enabling older adults to find purpose and connection in their later years.

Services include: an initial assessment of students’ (of any age) passions and interests based on an online questionnaire, a thorough vetting of and matching with best suited programs, referrals to former program alumni, assistance with applications, communications with program staff, and mid and end-of-year evaluations. International and domestic opportunities include: Volunteer/Community Service, Academic/Post-Graduate Study, Work/Internships, Travel/Community Immersion, Environmental/Conservation Programs, and Outdoor/Wilderness/Adventure Programs. Scholarships for students needing financial assistance are available depending on the gap program.