Gap Year Advisor
Customizing Students’ Passions with Opportunities for Growth

Taylor The Gap is a customized service for students interested in taking time out to expand their horizons outside the traditional educational track. Time out may be a gap year between high school and college, between semesters, or even after college. This time of self-exploration enables students to gain self-confidence, focus, and motivation for future educational pursuits. My service includes an initial assessment of students’ passions and interests. Based on this, I carefully match a program, work, or travel experience best suited to the student and offer alumnae referrals for selected, fully vetted programs. Once a plan is formulated, I provide assistance with applications and communications with program staff. A personal interview is conducted for evaluation purposes after completion of the experience. A full year can be planned and sequenced according to what it is the young adult wants to learn and achieve. International and domestic opportunities include: Volunteer/Community Service, Academic/Post-Graduate Study, Work/Internships, Travel/Community Immersion, Environmental/Conservation Programs, and Outdoor/Wilderness/Adventure Programs. Scholarships for students needing financial assistance are available depending on the program.

Taylor The Gap - Gap Year Consultant